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报告题目:How Language and Literacy Education affects Analysts’ Career Outcomes

报 告 人:孙汉文

报告时间: 2022年12月09日(周五)15:30-17:00

报告地点:腾讯会议(会议号 474 668 251)



This paper investigates whether and how language and literacy education affects analysts’ career outcomes. Exploiting a staggered syllabus reform in China, which transforms Chinese language and literacy from a political education tool to a basic communication tool, we use difference-in-differences approach and find that treated analysts receive more and quicker promotions than those in the control group. We also show that the market reacts more strongly to recommendation revisions issued by treated analysts, suggesting stronger market influence of these analysts. Moreover, treated analysts are more willing to conduct site-visits, consistent with enhanced social skills and communicational capabilities that the reform designed to bring along. Finally, the effect of the reform on career outcomes is less pronounced for analysts from northern Chinese provinces, whose dialects are closer to mandarin.


孙汉文,英国巴斯大学管理学院会计金融系副教授。先后获得武汉大学经济学学士学位,复旦大学金融学硕士学位,英国谢菲尔德大学金融学博士学位。研究方向集中于公司金融和资本市。谀唤灰、卖空、公司创新和信息中介等。研究结果发表于Research Policy、Journal of Corporate Finance、Journal of Accounting and Public Policy等国际期刊。其内幕交易研究项目获得英国国家科学院资助。





撰稿:曲琦 审核:许浩然 单位:会计学院